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Tippmann 98 Custom ACT Marker Tactical Set

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Set includes the 98 Custom ACT marker; Tactical Sling; 9oz CO2 tank; 200 rd Loader; Squeegee; Barrel Cover and More! The new 98 Custom ACT marker gives you the reliability; durability and customizable performance you expect from Tippmann. Features: ACT (Anti Chop Technology) is a patent pending design to help eliminate ball chopping and ensure consistent performance. Using a new technology that has the front and rear bolt working independently of each other; ACT virtually eliminates ball chopping and improves ball accuracy with less barrel cleaning. And unlike other anti chop systems; this system maintains ball velocity shot after shot and does not have to be re-cocked if the anti chop technology had to be engaged. Semi automatic; .68 caliber. 8.5 inch Quick Thread stone honed high performance barrel. Fully customizable to enhance performance. All aluminum die cast receiver. Fully customizable receiver and electronics adaptable. Heavy duty stainless steel braided gas line. Removable front grip to accept expansion chambers; vertical kits. Wide range velocity adjustment screw. Durable black finish. 150+ foot effective range. Trigger speed up to 8 shots per second Includes maintenance pack: allen wrench set; spare tank o ring; marker lubricant; and cleaning cable.

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